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Friends and Family

This page is our way of saying hello and thank you to all of our Family members and Friends.  We will try and keep the pictures and comments on here as current as possible. 

Just to see more, check out our family, friends, personal projects, and fishing adventures at

By the way, if you are visiting the Kenai or Soldotna area during the summer, come on down to "Kenai Riverbend" and say hi to Mama, Don, Jon the family and staff.
If we are there when you come by, we will crack a jar open of our Salmon & Salsa, Salsa & Salmon what ever you want to call it, to share it is just plain good. Below is the link to Kenai Riverbend, if you want to see what they have to offer in the way of Charters or Cabins.
Also, if you need a place to stay on the Kenai, "Kenai Riverbend Resort" can set you up.
This has been our second home since we started Alaskan Salsa Salmon. This world class resort on the Kenai River has been one of the best places to meet friends, family members, business partners you name it...oh ya...and catch fish. Who knows, you might even run into a celebrity or two...
This spot is for our supporter -
Mikey "SALMON X-Press"
For a Salmon charter trip on the world famous Kenai River like this one with Salmon X-press, Capt. Michael T,
give us a call, we can set you up!
To our friends in Switzerland Phil, Jackie,
Colin and Robin

Phil is considered to be our fish-feeder, if you have ever fished with him you would know why. We will get your pictures post soon there Phil & Jackie.

Just one of our military friends,
we salute you all

Hey Eddy,

We are glad to hear of your safe return from Iraq. Let the military men & women know our prayers are always with them, and we thank you all for your sevice. With our parents being retired military, we sure know how it feels when your loved one's are in harms way. I could not get your fishing trip on the Kenai River loaded, will try later.

Say hello to the troops in ND for us, will you. If they ever make it to Alaska, tell them to look us up, you now we support you all. Will try and get them on the river also, thats the least we can do to say THANK YOU.

Say hi to the new wife for us, hope to see you again soon.  By the way, hope your Mom & Dad are well.

GOD Bless buddy

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