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Smoked Alaskan Salsa SalmonAlaskan Salsa Salmon, LLC is the original fire breathing Salmon, with a sombrero on top. Locally owned and operated in Anchorage, Alaska; we manufacture “Salmon with an ATTITUDE,”™ an all natural, no preservatives added specialty seafood item for retail, wholesale and now food service industries.

Our “ATTITUDE” comes from wanting something different with our salmon, making sure the quality is number one, and making it down right good.  When Alaskans come to you, and tell you they want to buy it, you know you have done something right.  If you like jarred salmon and salsa, you have found the right place.  Our Smoked Salmon & Salsa (Hot) is the best of the best. You may find yourself asking, what is Alaskan Salsa Salmon, or Salmon & Salsa? Difficult to describe, but ho so delicious, it is a fusion of “Wild” Alaskan Salmon formulated with a mix of salsa sauce and cooked in a jar. We use a special salsa sauce, which started out as an "old timer's" Alaskan recipe.

After eight years in development, this special salsa sauce has been transformed into a cooking salsa sauce.  Each jar is hand packed, with a gourmet fusion of salmon in a HOT, Medium or Mild salsa that you just can't get enough of. Go to our PRODUCT PAGE to find out more!

This mouth watering combination is so versatile you can literally use it to make almost any dish you can think of. Some great recipe ideas are; mixing it with pasta to make pasta salad, on rice, in an omelet, rice raps, or just right out of the jar. The possibilities are end-less. You don't like seafood? No problem, even those who won't touch anything that lives in water, like our grandpa John, just simply keep coming back for more of this wonderful treat. To top this all off it is an all Alaskan made product, in which we use wild caught Alaskan salmon.

Made In Alaska

For more ideas about Alaskan recipes from Seafood to Moose, check out Stuart Nibeck, has put together some great cook books with some great recipes from all around Alaska.

To our Military families and friends we thank you, we support our Military and programs for a higher education!

Alaskan Salsa Salmon, LLC 
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