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Shipping Not Included
Shipping / Handling are not included in pricing. We ship FedEx or USPS within the US
Shipping Your order is delivered to your door through the United States Postal Service (USPS) mail or FedEx. All products are shipped from Alaska; this means about three to four days to your door.
Notes  We ship within the US and produce a limited supply for on-line sales, so when it is gone it is gone until the next batch.
To order Please e-mail from the list below or print the “Order Form” . We accept Visa, Master card, and/or Money Orders. All credit card transactions are through Alaska Seafood Company.
"Smoked" Coho (Silver) Salmon & Salsa Sauce
Available while supplies last "Smoked ¬†Salmon & Salsa Sauce Hot " items are below:
Credit Cards Taken
We accept Visa, Mast Card, and/or Money Orders. All credit card transactions are through
Alaska Seafood Company
  Please click and use our Order Form for our Smoked Pleasers after looking at the details from the list below.
  1. Fill it out on the your computer screen, print off twice, save one for yourself and mail the second one to us, or
  2. Print off a hard copy, fill that out with a pen and mail it to us, or
  3. Just give us a call!
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4132 - $69.00
Smoked Mixed 4-Pak
Smoked Salmon & Salsa Sauce Hot

2/6.5 oz and 2/13.5 oz jars
4152 - $64.50
Smoked PLEASER 3-Pak
Smoked Salmon & Salsa Sauce Hot

3/13.5 oz (Family Pak)   (One 13.5 oz = two 6.5 oz) 
4142 - $52.00
Smoked Teaser 4-Pak
Smoked Salmon & Salsa Sauce Hot

4/6.5 oz jars a (Gift Pak) idea
4162 - $129.00
Smoked PLEASER 6-Pak
Smoked Salmon & Salsa Sauce Hot

6/13.5 oz (Party Pak)     (One 13.5 oz = two 6.5 oz)
Contact us for any mixed or custom orders.
Note: Refrigerate after opening
All meats, or seafood items considered to be shelf stable, should be refrigerated after opening any product.
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