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A fusion of wild Alaskan salmon in our own all natural salsa sauce. Difficult to describe, but, oh so delicious, Salmon swimming in a sea of salsa, we have created a gourmet balance.

Our most popular is our Smoked Salmon Hot version which comes in a 6.5 oz Teaser, or the 13.5 oz Pleaser.

Salmon & HOT Salsa,
Smoked and Un-Smoked
Salmon & Medium Salsa,
Salmon & Mild Salsa
This is a balanced heat, with just the right amount of crushed red peppers, some Jalapenos, and a few Red Thai Peppers on the side with lots of Salmon in the jar.The flavor of fish is not prominent, and the salsa has not been lost in the heat. We are able to keep an even balance between the Salmon, Salsa and Heat. Some people think it is not hot enough, so mix the Thai Peppers into it and it gets a little hotter. We took out the Thai Peppers and only used Jalapenos with a small amount of  crushed red peppers. We have toned this one down for those who can not handle anything hot, but  like  a little zing, with lots of Salmon in the jar.  This is for those of you who like Salsa, but don't care for the HEAT. You can enjoy the full flavor of Wild Alaskan Salmon & Salsa with no additional crushed red peppers added, no Thai Peppers or Jalapenos.  This is just the way Mom likes it with lots of Salmon in the jar.
Alaskan Salmon & Salmon Sockeye HOT Alaskan Salmon & Salmon Sockeye MED Alaskan Salmon & Salmon Sockeye MILD
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