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What did Executive Chef Rommel do with our Salsa & Salmon?
"Alaskan Salmon with an Asian Attitude"

Appetizer Sampler of Vegetable Spring Rolls and Spicy Salmon Pot Stickers
With Asian Mustard and Ginger infused
Salsa Salmon Garnish

Here are a few ideas for our
Salsa & Salmon?
Recipe Ideas for Serving!

Breakfast Meal

Salsa Salmon Omelet- 2 to 3 eggs whipped, fold about 2oz Salsa Salmon into omelet, melt cheese on top and garnish with about 1-2oz more of Salsa Salmon, fresh onion chives and mushrooms and Jalapeno on top.


Salsa Salmon Spring Rolls - Using a rice wrap, 3/4 to 1 cup rice noodles, slivered carrot slices about 4, a small piece of Leaf lettuce (to roll inside wrap), 1oz -1.5oz Salsa Salmon mixed with the juices in the jar (Hot & Smoked Hot work best).

After preparing your Rice wrap in warm water, layout on warm plate, lay leaf lettuce1/3 the way down on wrap, fill with rice noodles, add slivered carrots, add Salsa Salmon evenly across (you may want to add more sauce to taste). Fold side sin and roll evenly making sure you start with the small-end of the wrap first,leaving most of the wrap to help hold the roll (having all your ingredients in the wrap). You may want to add some (Dried Seaweed) on the wrap before rolling for an added touch.

You may serve whole or cut into quarters for Appetizers, excellent for parties or special guests.

OUR Favorite Dips

Salsa Salmon Dip
1-1/2 to 2 bricks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, spread cream cheese on bottom of pie pan, drain some of the juices into cup and save to add later. Flake up (1 - 13.5oz) or (2- 6.5oz) jars of Salsa Salmon in a bowl, add desired amount of Salsa Salmon juices back into Salmon and layer on top of cream cheese. Add red or green Chile strips like spokes on a wagon wheel. Serve with crackers or toasted baguettes.

Salsa Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms
Mix 1 or 2 bricks (8 to 16oz cream cheese) with 1 - 13.5oz Pleaser of Smoked Salsa Salmon Hot. Cap and clean out the center of the mushroom with a teaspoon then adding the mushroom pieces into the cream cheese and Salmon, mix). (NOTE - You can add a 1/4 cup of Bread crumbs if you want also.) With a teaspoon, fill mushrooms caps with Salsa Salmon Cream cheese mix. Sprinkle with a little Cilantro and add a little sprinkle of Italian Parmesan cheese on top. Broil or warm in toaster oven for 3-4 minutes or until cheese is browned and serve. (Hold in hot Chafer for about 1 to 2 hours.) This may also be served cold. 

Cream Cheese Dip
Just mix 2 bricks Cream cheese with 1 pint of Alaskan Salsa Salmon for a great dip.  If you don’t have the time to prepare any of these then just EAT it out of the jar. Just remember we have Regular Hot,Medium, Mild or Smoked Hot to choose from

What ideas can you come up with?

 Let us know,  just put your idea on
our site to share with others.

Alaskan Salsa Salmon, LLC
Anchorage, AK

Dinner Meals

Smoked Salsa Salmon
Seafood Chowder or Bisque
Add 1 to 1.5ozof our Smoked - Hot Salsa Salmon to an 8oz bowl of Chowder, Seafood Chowder, Seafood Bisque, or add it to a Chowder Base. WOW, you talk about a bowl of soup with a treat. Or, you can add 1 flaked up 6.5oz jar to a gallon ½ and let simmer. (Don't pull out the Thai Peppers, for more of a kick.)

Salsa Salmon with Rice
Form about 3 cups of rice in ring like a donut, flake Salmon with the Salsa and Natural juices in a bowl. Warm Salsa mixture in microwave oven, place warmed flaked salmon in the center of rice ring. Garnish with jalapeno's &serve.

Pasta Salsa Salmon
Serve over Angel Hair pasta or one of your favourite pastas. Chunk the Salmon up with the Salsa and Natural juices, heat in microwave oven. Once heated, toss with pasta and serve.

(Here is a dish from my brother in-law and sister, Sherman & Deb Brown)

Salsa Salmon Cold Pasta Salad
Use 4oz of sour cream, 1 - 6.5oz Salsa Salmon, or Smoked Salsa Salmon, 2 cups Sea shell noodles,small 4oz can sliced mushrooms, 2oz sliced green onion chives. Flake up Salsa Salmon and sauce in jar together, after cooking noodles mix sour cream, 1/2 cup green onions or sliced red onions, mushrooms, Salsa Salmon all together in a bowl, chill & serve. You may want garnish with a little Green Onion or sliced Yellow & Red Bell Peppers for looks.

Look for the labels

ASIAN Restaurant New
Nov 2008, Vol. 5 Issue 11     page 41

I am always trying to create fusion cuisine in every shape or form by utilizing simple ingredients. I came across Salsa Salmon in 2005 from a close friend, Mike Hanzuk, CEO of Alaskan Salsa Salmon LLC when he took my brother, Robert, Megan his wife and myself king salmon fishing on the Kenai Riverbend (where it all began.) While we were on our mission to catch the biggest fish, Mike handed us this salmon spread, WOW! Then presented me with his salmon product, it was very, very good, as a chef, I started to brain storm on how I can use this product to create a dish with an Asian twist. I came up with Spicy Salmon Pot Stickers. AKSS has a variety of attitude, from mild to spicy.



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